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"Companion" by Bangles (Kushiel's Legacy)

Title: Companion
Author: Bangles
Pairing: Sidonie/Imriel, Sidonie/Maslin, Imriel/other
Spoilers: Kushiel's Scion
Summary: Since the day Sidonie was born, Imriel has always been part of her life.
Link: Companion
Why: Kushiel's Legacy is one of the most sweeping, most elaborate and elegant alternate history (*extremely* alternate) series of novels ever written, and it's a rare fanfic author who can capture the archaic language and undercurrent of sensuality of the series as well as Bangles did here.
Title: Five Things They Don't Teach Fairy Godmothers
Author: akamarykate
Pairing: none
Spoilers: well, for the book, obviously ;-)
Summary: Who was Shirl, and where did she go after she left Colorado?
Link: Five Things They Don't Teach Fairy Godmothers
Why: Someone wrote fanfic for one of my favorite books ever, one I've never seen fanfic for before! And better yet, it was *good*! I did miss Sandra and Ben a bit, but *loved* the backstory we got on Shirl (and a cameo by Flip!).
Title: The Bridal Path
Author: Vyola
Pairing: Joel/Wednesday, Gomez/Morticia, Fester/Dementia
Spoilers: Addams Family Values
Summary: Couples who vow only 'til death do them part lack ambition.
Link: The Bridal Path
Why: Another absolutely snicker-worthy glimpse at Joel and Wednesday's possible future together. Man, now I want to go rewatch the movie.
Title: Addams Family Therapy
Author: bucketmouse
Pairing: Joel/Wednesday, Gomez/Morticia, Itt/Margaret
Spoilers: Addams Family Values
Summary: It takes a hardy soul to marry and Addams...but even hardy souls can use a little help every now and then.
Link: Addams Family Therapy
Why: Joel Glicker is a perfect POV character, because he's us--the outsider drawn into the Addams' world--and I love how different authors have dealt with his acclimation into the family. *g*
Title: Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas
Author: Havoc
Pairing: Gomez/Morticia, Joel/Wednesday
Spoilers: Addams' Family Values
Summary: Joel's Jewish, so why is he spending Christmas with the Addamses?
Link: Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas
Why: Because it cracked me up. What a perfect Addams family Christmas!
Title: The Last of the Winnebagos
Author: trinityofone
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Spoilers: nothing specific that I noticed
Summary: Atlantis is not for the elderly, but that doesn't make leaving any easier.
Link: The Last of the Winnebagos
Why: I don't read a lot of McShep, but when someone steals the title from one of my favorite authors ever? I had to make an exception, and I'm glad I did. The relationship is very low-key, so that it feels like a given. And the story is beautifully bittersweet and melancholy.
Title: Incredible Luck, Annoying Charm
Author: Ana
Pairing: Teal'c/Vala friendship
Spoilers: "Beachhead"
Summary: Two aliens bond over those annoying Tau'ri and one of their stupid games.
Link: Incredible Luck, Annoying Charm
Why: Dude--Teal'c and Vala talking about those nonsensical Tau'ri...what's not to love?
Title: Orientation Memo
Author: chasingkerouac
Pairing: a hint of Carson/Cadman
Spoilers: nothing past "Duet"
Summary: Dr. Kate Heightmeyer and Lt. Laura Cadman let a few new (female) recruits know what to expect on Atlantis.
Link: Orientation Memo
Why: Absolutely delightful, oh-so-very true, and features a pair of wonderful but woefully underused recurring ladies. :-)
Title: The Right Thing to Do
Author: Miera
Pairing: none
Spoilers: "Critical Mass"
Summary: Elizabeth reevaluates the choices she made to save her city.
Link: The Right Thing to Do
Why: Miera is one of my favorite Elizabeth Weir writers for a reason--fic like this. This is *exactly* the scene I needed to read after "Critical Mass," when I was so angry with the character she almost lost her status as my favorite. This scene--and others like it, if not as too the point, in later episodes--are what saved her for me.

"Too Good" by Tielan (Stargate Atlantis)

Title: Too Good
Author: Tielan
Pairing: Simon/Elizabeth
Spoilers: "Intruder" at the latest
Summary: It's never easy loving someone who's meant for greater things.
Link: Too Good
Why: Because most SGA fic makes Simon Wallace out to be an irredeemable bastard, and IMO that's an unfair characterization--obviously Elizabeth saw *something* in him, and besides, she left him first. Tielan and I don't agree on many things...but if I'd ever gotten around to writing the Simon/Elizabeth pre-series epic I wanted to do, it would've felt a lot like this. :-)


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