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"Secrets" by takethesky87 (Heroes)

Title: Secrets
Author: takethesky87
Pairing: Nathan/Heidi
Spoilers: "How to Stop an Exploding Man"
Summary: Sometimes the truths that hurt the most are the same ones that set us free.
Why? Recommending this today because it'll be Jossed by tomorrow, but that won't make it any less beautifully bittersweet or the characters any less recognizeable in it.
Title: As Time Goes By
Author: Yahtzee
Pairing: Buffy/Angel, Angel/Cordelia, Wes/Fred
Spoilers: early S3
Summary: The world has gone to hell, and a disillusioned Cordelia may just hold the key to saving it, but whose side is she on?
Link: As Time Goes By
Why: You know those fics where someone takes the plot of a classic movie and rewrites it using characters and settings from another fandom? Yeah. This is one of those. Quite possibly the best one ever written--a post-demon-apocalyptic version of Casablanca with Cordy in Rick's shoes.

"The Last Virtue" by Yahtzee (Angel)

Title: The Last Virtue
Author: Yahtzee
Pairing: Fred/Gunn
Spoilers: nothing past the middle of S3, I think
Summary: Gunn struggles to come to grips with a world spiraling out of control during the holiday season.
Link: The Last Virtue
Why: Because Yahtzee writes amazing Gunn, and because it's the only Kwanzaa fic I've ever read and that just makes it doubly cool. :-)
Title: Destination Unknown
Author: Yahtzee
Pairing: Buffy/Giles, Angel/Cordelia
Spoilers: S6, possibly 7
Summary: When Buffy comes to England, ostensibly to get Giles' input on a mysterious crystal, the two are forced to confront some difficult truths about their relationship.
Link: Destination Unknown
Why: Because this is quite literally the ONLY Buffy/Giles fic I've ever read that made the pairing work for me, and considering how much I generally don't like them as a couple, that says a lot about the fic.
Title: Gilead
Author: Yahtzee
Pairing: Mulder/Scully
Spoilers: the show's over--does it matter anymore? ;-)
Summary: Two people find each other again in a broken world, but can they save each other too?
Link: Gilead
Why: Because while I would never have thought of this crossover, it works so well it's scary and the result is one of the best apocalyptic XF fics ever not to include aliens. *g*

"Wild Honey" by Sanj (Fried Green Tomatoes)

Title: Wild Honey
Author: Sanj
Pairing: Idgie/Ruth
Spoilers: movieverse
Summary: Even a bee-charmer can be charmed by someone she loves.
Link: Wild Honey
Why: Because every character's voice was so pitch-perfect it took my breath away, and because it brought back the love story that the movie left out.
Title: Thirty-One Not-Hyperlinked Flashforwards
Author: boundbyspells
Pairing: Lily/Marshall
Spoilers: mid-season 2 to be on the safe side
Summary: Of course the real question is why was Marshall reading Pride and Prejudice anyway?
Link: Thirty-One Not-Hyperlinked Flashforwards
Why: Dude, it's HIMYM fic! And *good* HIMYM fic! Read the non-linear version first--it'll have you completely confused, but make the pay-off of the linear version that much cooler. *grin*
Title: The Gift of the Gunmen
Author: eponine119
Pairing: none
Spoilers: if you've seen the series at all, you're safe
Summary: Jimmy brings Christmas back into the lives of the Gunmen...with a little help.
Link: The Gift of the Gunmen
Why: Because I miss the guys, and because good LGM fic can be hard to find. This is funny and sweet and perfectly in character. :-)
Title: Please Discuss Only Approved Topics With Your AI
Author: jmtorres
Pairing: none, although not for lack of SARAH's trying ;-)
Spoilers: nothing past the second episode *that I know of* but I haven't watched the show in a while
Summary: When sentient houses turn matchmaker.
Link: Please Discuss Only Approved Topics With Your AI
Why: This is another one that does a great job of capturing the silliness inherent in Eureka's premise, especially where SARAH is concerned. *giggle* Oh, and probably not work safe. ;-)
Title: Five, er, Six Reports Nathan Stark Wishes Never Crossed His Desk
Author: Merlin Missy
Pairing: negligible mentions of Carter/Allison, Carter/Stark, Stark/Allison
Spoilers: um...I have no idea
Summary: See title.
Link: Five, er, Six Reports Nathan Stark Wishes Never Crossed His Desk
Why: I *loved* the madcap, black humor of Eureka's pilot. I stopped watching when it started trying to take itself too seriously (although I really should check and see if they ever got over that), but this story had everything I loved about the series in it, and nothing I didn't. Also a couple of the most *fantastic* crossovers. :-)


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